Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Graceful Visitor

Once upon an early morning doodle of egret, palm & blue lotus...

lurking right outside my balcony..

none but the graceful white egret.
In this isolated part of Cairo, he brought nostalgic memories of the land of water falls and ever turning water wheels, my beloved Faiyum oasis.
Every morning this beautiful creature, exhibit grace with it's noble stature, roaming through the lush greenery of my village....
now he's far away from home.. and so am I

In Africa, the Heron was thought to communicate with the gods. In ancient Egypt, the Heron was honored as the creator of light, nowadays we call it "Abu Qerdan", which means “father of ticks", a name derived from the huge number of parasites such as avian ticks found in its breeding colonies!

The White egret has been conquering my dreams and thoughts of Autumn.
It all started when I was approached to design a logo for Doris Frei, the patron of Little Swiss Oasis, a lovely tiny hotel atop the hill of Tunis Village.

such an exciting comession I must say and Doris has been
the perfect client any artist could ever wish for, she gave me the ultimate freedome to be able to create genuinly with out any interferance.

I found inspiration in the beauty of the egret while he transcend into my sketch book without a plan.. there he is... the majestic egret with his graceful stature with a grape vine leaf-one of the crops my oasis is famous for- entwined into his feet.

Doris was pleased and my work is complete.


  1. Fabulous sketch and the logo turned out so beautifully!! The white egret is truly graceful and full of light. Thank you for sharing this. Wonderful use of color.