Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Paper Boat Boy

A professional, 10 strings Corrugated cardboard marionette with movable mouth...
Years back I received a pattern to build a corrugated cardboard Marionette from Kurt Hunter .. And just last month it finally felt like the right time to take on this project when I found a fine corrugated cardboard blender box laying right outside my garden's front door!

Paper Boat Boy Marionette

A Teapot Tale

First rough sketch for a children book I'm illustrating, it's an adaptation from Salah Jahen's nonsense poem.

انا انا انا ابريق الشاى

The Wind

A blow of Autumn Wind

Monday, 2 August 2010

Grandpa's Magic & Inspiration

This sketch was inspired by one of my grandpa's nursery rhymes full of magic, it tells a short tale of a curious mouse who likes to lick the honey off of it's tail!

الفار بيحب العسل
بيدلدل ديلة و يلحسة
سوسو سوسو

The beginning of the telling...

welcome to my laboratory of fantasy, my online caravan.. where my dreams are fermented and visions craftily transformed, into otherworldly critters, puppets and figures..

come in and I will tell you tales, with hooves and tails, of the world they inhabit, while chasing white rabbit for mother ogre supper...