Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Curious Cachepot Of Spring

The world is yawning, stretching arms.. Spring is here, gliding gracefully through the landscape..

Springing through a curious spiral cachepot of the ever winding seasons

Hatching in my palms

And on my drafting table all the same

And while the spring strich it's arms to cover the pavement blocks..

I Wish you all a happy creative Spring Time :)


  1. The seedling in the shell is so pretty! It is natural Bonsai! Are you making Humpty Dumpty? : )

    1. My eyes were filled with wonder when I saw the young seedling and the curious pot it choose! It sure is a Humpty Dumpty... even though it was not quite what I intended for this piece.. who knows, maybe the muse will change her mind again :)