Thursday, 20 February 2014

Pealing Potatoes For Inspiration

I will start this tale with once upon an evening of pealing potatoes for dinner...

 Lo and behold the majestic hippocomp that sparked my imagination...

The mythological creature was often depicted as a fabulous fish-tailed horse. The hippocomp were the mounts of Nereid nymph and sea-gods. In art they were often covered with green scales and had fish-fin manes and appendages.

The ancients believed the mythological creatures were the adult-form of the sea-horse fish. 

I have been always fascinated by the sea-horse fish, especially by the amazing fact that unlike any other species, the males become pregnant!!

So With a potato skin in mind and a pencil in hand I sat out to draw my own vision of the mythological creature.

Here it is.. My vision of the magnificent creature... Floating in the emptiness of a blank page with an airy mer-child peaking through its brood pouch, forever reaching beyond dreams...


  1. Oh wow Hussam. Takes my breath away, Absolutely stunning!

    1. Thank you, Cathie :) this coming from an accomplished artist means a lot to me

  2. Beautiful! I love the eyes of the creature. I have been also fascinated by seahorse mainly because of their curious appearance. : )

    1. They truly are fascinating creatures. While I was drawing the face and the eyes I was thinking horse while sketching a sea horse that turned out into a hippocampus in the end :)