Sunday, 16 December 2012

Karnetta - The Eight Arms Of Inspiration

In the quietness of an early Dahab morning, there's only the sound of calm waves rushing to shore and right into my imagination, I mounted the shoulder blade of a lonely rock sculpted by waves and time and watched the sun whisper first ray of light into the day.

my vision was filled with shimmering beauty..

 while Eel & Lion fish trotting below my feet like magic...

 when the sun moved higher I dismounted my rock, I walk toward the shore, scattering the golden stream of sunlight reflected on the surface of the sea, I'm enchanted.

I walked along the shore, by mountains and sea delighting in the beauty and intensity of the landscape

I passed by a fellow admirer of the new day canvas, unaware of danger lurking beneath..
below his rock there laid the trickster of the sea, with his eight arms wandering cautiously...

But alas, this fellow crab was fast and alert, he out ran eight arms of  a witty sea trickster and took a fast leap into the sea, leaving a disappointed octopus wondering aimlessly..

When I went back to my drawing table, I found him waiting for me.. 
with his playful arms wrapped around my rusty wheels on imagination, he managed to make them turn... 

as I was playing with eight arms and possibilities this fluttering fellow paid me a visit, with his critic round eyes he moved through my scribbles, from one arm to the other, wings fluttering -I hope in approval- before he took a flight into the day..

and all too soon there he was before my eyes, looking back at me with a curious glance..

delighting in a paper boat, making ripples...

resting atop a lonely rock by the sea 
while buffer fish float around him like thoughts.

and just in case you're wondering,
 "karnetta" is the Octopus Bedouin name.

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely lovely Hussam!

    A wonderful walk with you to your vision.
    You have let the sea and it's creatures come into your heart and mind and carried them home to play on your desk. The fluttering winged one's visit furthers the enchantment!

    I love the design of this drawing, lion fish dancing about Garneta on the rock playfully pushing a small paper boat. Lost in the reverie of imagination! Thank you:)