Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Paper Boat Boy

A professional, 10 strings Corrugated cardboard marionette with movable mouth...
Years back I received a pattern to build a corrugated cardboard Marionette from Kurt Hunter .. And just last month it finally felt like the right time to take on this project when I found a fine corrugated cardboard blender box laying right outside my garden's front door!

Paper Boat Boy Marionette


  1. This is nice - and all the more so beacause it's made from cardboard and paper!

  2. I love this marionette! I think cardboard and paper is a good medium for you.

  3. Hi!!! This marionette is very beautiful! Do you have the patern to build it? Or the contact where did you find it? I really want one...


  4. Hello there, you can follow the hyper link in my post and it will lead you to Kurt Hunter's website where You can E-mail him and he will gladly send you the pattern:)